Welcome to the Delta!



The Delta Programme is a Game of Collective Transformation created by Richard Rudd, founder and first student of the Gene Keys. “The Delta is a powerful new experience that challenges us to take the next great evolutionary step – into the flowering of collective consciousness. In this life-changing game, players gather in groups of 7, exploring 7 themes over 7 weeks in a syncopated rhythm, creating a very real experience of higher harmony that touches all areas of your life.” The Delta Programme teaches us to listen. The Delta teaches us how to be in a family and it teaches us how to be in leadership. It teaches us how to be in a community. It teaches us how to be in any group and we all need each other! We are a collective organism. The Delta prepares us to learn how collectivity works. The Delta Programme is a safe and sacred sharing circle where all players agree to share in confidence inside of the circle. The online Delta Programme has lifetime access. In some sense, it is a retreat that never ends and all that is needed is your commitment. 

As your personal Gene Keys Guide and Gene Keys Delta Guide, I guide you through this first game or “Delta Flight.” It is a seven week journey and there is an eighth week completion call. Every week, all players meet together for about 1 1/2 hours on a day and a time that works for all of our seven Guests. Every week, players move to a different position and you are paired with one supportive and complimentary partner who you will connect with for an additional 30 minutes sometime during that particular week. Every week you will have a different partner. The only exception of this is for one week when you don’t have a partner and you are in position one. When you are in position one of the weekly sharing circles, The Delta supports you and helps hold a container for you. I am honored to guide you on this sacred sharing circle. I will not be part of all of the calls, however, I will be with you on the first and the last call. I will send out email reminders each week and I will respond to every question. I offer support. I care about you and I take care of everything in a safe holding space during the entire, ‘Delta.’ 

Before signing up consider your time and availability. You will be making a commitment not only to yourself but for the six other team members. After the Delta Programme is ended, some groups like to meet again in a few weeks for a check-in or meet in person! The online program is self-organizing and unlimited. Are you ready for awakening?