About us

 Jennifer Robinson

Jennifer was born in San Diego, California.  Jennifer began her search in the area of subtle energies at age four, unknowingly. She wanted to put the tricycles away at her pre-school and communicated that to one of her teachers without using words. 

In her late teenage years, she went to a small jewelry and psychic reading shop in Hillcrest (in San Diego), CA each day after high school, where she met with psychics who taught her a lot. She was deeply interested in everything regarding the unseen and the unknown Spirit world. Later, Jennifer married. Jennifer homeschooled her two older children for most of their school years and homeschooled her youngest for a short, short while. 

Jennifer teaches others how to access their heart’s intuition to gain information for what to do and to be in harmony with the invisible patterns underlying their lives that include our relationships, health, DNA and prosperity. In tuning into the heart, she says we are in harmony with Source energy which is invisible to eye. Living in the heart builds a more conscious, coherent and fulfilled life.  

Jennifer was one of the many contributing writers in the book, “Journey Into Motherhood: Inspirational Stories of Natural Birth…” written by by Sheri L. Menelli. Jennifer’s birth story was about her Vaginal Home Birth After Cesarean with her second daughter’s birth.  In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, singing, playing guitar, walking in nature, gardening, yoga, and swimming. 


California State University San Marcos B.A.  

California Teaching credential 1996 – 2022 

Certified Facilitator of the 17 and GraceLight and The Point of Essence Process from The Soul Center for Spiritual Healing – Spiritual Healing for Indigo Children and Adult Indigos – 2005 

Project WILD K-12 facilitator and Growing Up Wild – Ages three to 18 – Facilitator – 2005 

EMF Balancing technique Spiritual Healing – Basic and Advanced Facilitator – 2005 

The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing – 2005 

Soul Memory Discovery Facilitator 2005 and ongoing training 

Sound Healing – 2006

Ordained Minister with Open Ministry 2014 

Mindfulness certification – 2019 

Life Coach – 2019 and currently with INLP Center 

Heartmath Facilitator – Institute of Heartmath. Trained in Heartmath Interventions – 2020 

Gene Keys Guide 2021 

Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming – current (completion September 2022 est.) 

Certificate with UK Academy of Mediumship (UKAM) – current – (completion September 2022 est.) 


“Jennifer was doing a deep meditation leading up to the minute she was expecting my call for a reading. She immediately picked up on the fact that I had been multi-tasking up until the last minute, trying to get everything wrapped up before the reading. She saw me running around like mad trying to be on time for that important phone call. That was completely accurate. Jennifer also saw significant things going on in my life with great clarity. I found my reading with her to be uplifting and encouraging. She gave me hope about something that I had given up on years ago. I had learned to live without hope, which is not an easy thing to do. But, the reading with Jennifer has stirred up the idea that having hope once again is not a bad idea. Jennifer exudes sweetness very naturally. She is a genuinely kind and gentle person. The hour Jennifer spent with me was the highpoint of my week!” -Lynn K.

“Jennifer did a great job with tuning in with my situation and knew what was going on. I was very impressed that she knew about the frame of mind I was in. She gave me some great input as to the different options and also gave me some good feedback regarding my overall well being and heath. I definitely recommend her!” – Rachel C.

“As someone who has been to a few psychics/mediums and had more bad readings than good, I can confidently say that this was by far the best one!

I contacted Jennifer for a quote on a psychic evaluation involving speaking to a person in my husband’s life who had passed on. We met at Lindo Lake Park, which was great and very relaxing. The only things she knew about us was that I’m from San Diego, born and raised, and my husband is from OC and we met online. So, with very vague information from us, she started her reading.

The things she told my husband was things she would have no idea about. He was hoping his grandma would come through, and she did. Loud and clear! She gave us characteristics she had, her physical appearance as in what type of clothes she would wear, her personality, a special message she had for my husband about getting through this tough time and to just keep pushing, and even gave him his Grandma’s first and second letter in her first name. My husband was silent for most of the reading, except for a few times when Jennifer asked “Does this mean anything?”, he would respond “Yes.”. He was so emotional, amazed, mind-blown, and happy, that it was hard for him to speak through his tears of joy.

He feels so much closure and happiness from this reading! He was so happy that I reached out and so thankful for Jennifer and the amazing job she did.

Best reading ever! Jennifer, you are amazing!” – Isabelle M.

Memo Ozdogan

From his early twenties, Memo Ozdogan has had great passion and personal interest in exploring western and eastern spirituality and philosophy in order to see and understand different approaches towards the subject of living. He has delved into the original teachings of the Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, Rumi, Ancient Greek philosophy, Zen, The Tao, ancient forms of spirituality and new age spirituality. After deeply studying all these various approaches, he tried to find out the original truth in each of these different approaches without becoming a static follower of any of them. He quotes: “life is a very dynamic and living thing which is ever-changing, and therefore no philosophy of the past can be applied directly to life which takes place only in the present moment. Philosophy or teachings might point out an important truth and much can be learned from them but one should never get stuck at any of them since life must be explored from moment to moment and that means one must continue ones inner journey of discovery at this present moment. This is the only door opening to the path of true happiness and liberation”. Having lived in Asia for a long time, he has had the unique opportunity to deeply explore eastern philosophies of living such as Zen. Being originally from Turkey where the great poet Rumi lived his life, Memo has had a family tradition of Sufism, and his grandfather was a widely respected Sufi master of his area. After such a long term of study and exploration, recently, naturally and spontaneously he began sharing the outcome of such study with others in a book he authored named as “Letters from Love Cafe”, and by organizing some discussion groups and seminars for the exploration of subjects such as Love, Living in the Present, Meditation, Spiritual path, Fear, Self-Knowledge, Suffering, Loneliness, Happiness, Wisdom, Conscious Living, The Subconscious etc. ; basically subjects about life itself. He also established a platform called Find Your Secret Key to serve this purpose, and for the healing of deeply rooted subconscious hurts through guided meditation and spiritual counselling. Memo also has deep knowledge about the subconscious and the subtle ways of its working. Both in Sufism and Zen there are no official certificates of mastery, but with his deep level of understanding and wisdom Memo is a true spiritual master. Recently, he decided to travel the world to share such knowledge and wisdom, and learn, at the same time, from others as well in the process as he believes one is both the master and the student who studies life in the mirror of relationship.