About us

 Jennifer Robinson

Hi, I am Jennifer. I started on the path of healing and learning mediumship when I was 17 years old. After high school each day I went to a small jewelry shop in Hillcrest, CA where I met with psychics who were my age NOW, in their mid to late 40’s and I learned everything I could from them about being psychic. I was deeply interested in everything regarding the unseen or the unknown Spirit world and I felt free to talk with them about topics such as what is the meaning of life.

Before my education of learning about evidential mediumship, The Reconnection, EMF Balancing techniques, Soul Memory Discovery and more, before all that, I was born with a gift of clairsentience. This is the gift I am most gifted and talented at and the one I love the most. Most of my work with spiritual healing and life coaching uses clairsentience. It is here that I attune to the healing guides and the patient/client at the same time and that is where clairsentience really helps. It is in that way that I am a channel and where healing is delivered.

Much of the work with mental mediumship uses clairsentience as well. In communication with those who have crossed over, I am able to have complete empathy and tune into them using what science calls mirror neurons. In this way, it is like I am inside of that person feeling everything they are feeling and so I can accurately describe the personality and character of late “Uncle Frank” or late “Aunt Suzy” or mom or dad.. I later began to develop clairvoyance and Clairaudience and a small gift a smelling.

After 30 years of study, I now offer services as life coach, mindfulness instructor, ADD Heart Facilitator, and healing mediumship. I offer spiritual counseling/ Life Coaching with Memo Ozdogan who is my husband.

Memo Ozdogan

From his early twenties, Memo Ozdogan has had great passion and personal interest in exploring western and eastern spirituality and philosophy in order to see and understand different approaches towards the subject of living. He has delved into the original teachings of the Buddha, J.Krishnamurti, Rumi, Ancient Greek philosophy, Zen, The Tao, ancient forms of spirituality and new age spirituality. After deeply studying all these various approaches, he tried to find out the original truth in each of these different approaches without becoming a static follower of any of them. He quotes: “life is a very dynamic and living thing which is ever-changing, and therefore no philosophy of the past can be applied directly to life which takes place only in the present moment. Philosophy or teachings might point out an important truth and much can be learned from them but one should never get stuck at any of them since life must be explored from moment to moment and that means one must continue ones inner journey of discovery at this present moment. This is the only door opening to the path of true happiness and liberation”. Having lived in Asia for a long time, he has had the unique opportunity to deeply explore eastern philosophies of living such as Zen. Being originally from Turkey where the great poet Rumi lived his life, Memo has had a family tradition of Sufism, and his grandfather was a widely respected Sufi master of his area. After such a long term of study and exploration, recently, naturally and spontaneously he began sharing the outcome of such study with others in a book he authored named as “Letters from Love Cafe”, and by organizing some discussion groups and seminars for the exploration of subjects such as Love, Living in the Present, Meditation, Spiritual path, Fear, Self-Knowledge, Suffering, Loneliness, Happiness, Wisdom, Conscious Living, The Subconscious etc. ; basically subjects about life itself. He also established a platform called Find Your Secret Key to serve this purpose, and for the healing of deeply rooted subconscious hurts through guided meditation and spiritual counselling. Memo also has deep knowledge about the subconscious and the subtle ways of its working. Both in Sufism and Zen there are no official certificates of mastery, but with his deep level of understanding and wisdom Memo is a true spiritual master. Recently, he decided to travel the world to share such knowledge and wisdom, and learn, at the same time, from others as well in the process as he believes one is both the master and the student who studies life in the mirror of relationship.