Heartmath/biofeedback and Sound Healing

Heartmath and Sound Healing

Includes Four Sessions

Learn to maintain coherence with Heartmath techniques and technologies along with a crystal bowl sound healing meditation session that is grounding and relaxing. You will be introduced to and use the technology of Heartmath before the sound healing meditation session and afterwards. The technology tests your Heart Rate Variability, coherence and stress level. I test your heart rate variability using biofeedback on session two and session four. You will learn the Heart lock-in technique and many more techniques from Heartmath which are backed by research and shown to be good for the hormonal system, nervous system and immune systems. When this technique is practiced over a period a time, the techniques will change your baseline coherence. It is something you can do anytime and anywhere.

The sound healing meditation and Heartmath session is 40 -  50 minutes.


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