Individual sessions

A personalized Gene Keys session involves a one-on-one meeting between a person seeking guidance for their personal development journey and a certified Gene Keys Guide. The aim of this consultation is to assist the individual in exploring their distinct Hologenetic Profile, which is based on the Gene Keys framework created by Richard Rudd. This profile comprises specific keys related to the individual's life path and purpose, determined by their birth information.

In a private session, the Gene Keys advisor will support the individual in comprehending the various elements of their Hologenetic Profile and provide tailored guidance on utilizing the insights offered by the Gene Keys system for personal growth and transformation. This may include discussing potential obstacles and strengths, examining the individual's life mission, and offering practical suggestions for incorporating Gene Keys knowledge into daily life.

It is crucial to understand that a personalized Gene Keys consultation is not a scientific or psychological therapy session; instead, it is a spiritually-focused exploration based on the Gene Keys system's philosophical foundation. The objective is to encourage self-discovery, reflection, and personal growth for those seeking advice.

The cost includes a life-time access to your own personalized Activation Sequence that is valued at $150.00.

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