Thank you coming to our website and answering the door to your deeper calling. Maybe you just heard that knocking at your door and you are letting it in or maybe you have heard that calling for a long time, and for various reasons you ignored it, this call, this inner prompting, this very gentle nudging. That which beyond this calling, that which is beyond the door knocking is Love awakening you into the light of Joy. You are here now trusting to let the love come in. Source is calling and Love never stops…24/7.

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Counseling sessions by Subconscious Mind Expert Memo Ozdogan who is the founder of Find Your Secret Key to remove the deep Subconscious Blocks. Subconscious mind is the hidden ruler of our lives, and only freeing blocks and suffering at the subconscious level will make us free and joyful again. Memo Ozdogan  is the author of the book “Letters From Love Cafe”


 $120 per session or $500 for 5 sessions! 1st satisfied session can be used with our  5 session package!!


San Diego Life Coaches, Career Coach, Evidential Mediumship, Spiritual Counseling– Serving San Diego, Chula Vista, National City, Spring Valley, Imperial Beach, Ocean Beach, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Vista, San Marcos, Poway, La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee, Julian and Lakeside,

DISTANCE SESSIONS (by phone, Skype or Google Hangouts) With help from Spirit and as a coach and spiritual counselor, we are here to help you get from point A to Point B. Please select a time slot below.

IN OFFICE SESSIONS – All office sessions, clients will be monitored for heart coherence. The biofeedback monitoring is optional. The monitoring works by attaching a clip to your ear that measures heart rate and pulse and monitors heart coherence. When the heart is coherent, the brain is coherent. When we have coherence with the two centers is when we are at our best, because we experience wholeness.

If you desire an immediate session, please call us directly at 619-333-8557. Rates are higher for immediate emergency sessions. We prefer that you use the booking calendar below, but if desired, please call for an emergency session. Emergency calls that require immediate assistance with Memo and Jennifer are $200 a session.


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You are here to make changes of some sort and changes require work. The work can be fun and exciting because it is about you coming into alignment with who you are and building trust daily. Consciousness changes the brain. We teach transformation and consciousness. This is where Spiritual Counseling can help!

With all our counseling sessions, we talk to you about why you are here and what you want help with. At times, clients don’t know what they want help with, or they do know, but then the shift or focus changes and we work with you no matter where you are on this spectrum.

We use relaxation methods, guided imagery and guided meditations, all directed from Spirit. We know from science that being in a relaxed state opens the door further to our connection with the real, Eternal part of us that is our soul and the world of Spirit which holds the means of solving what we perceive as our “problems”. Through grace, we work together with Spirit to bring about healing in all areas of your life and find lasting solutions. In the process of the work and as you heal yourself, your connection and relationship with Spirit grows offering a feeling of wholeness, bringing you into greater alignment with the Truth of who you are, following your soul’s calling and feeling peace. Over time and with love for the Divine, you develop a secure partnership with your ever-present Higher Guidance bringing you more and more peace each day. We also work with forgiveness on forgiving yourself and others.

Following your heart is following your true life purpose, your personal Great Work, which can also be called your personal Great Play!

A deep, rich rewarding life is a life that is in service to your soul. In the very essence of our work, we are co-creating with Spirit. Your inner wisdom knows what is perfect for you.

If you don’t believe it is possible to make the changes, we are here to offer solutions. We are blessed to have many human angels in our lives and we are passing it forward. We assist you in making the changes with ease and grace. Many times clients believe they don’t deserve to make the adjustments needed and wanted in their life for a real, long-lasting change. Together, we watch as those old negative self-talk beliefs change, with self-love to positive self-talk beliefs and in doing so, your outer world changes. Your outer field is a reflection of your inner beliefs.

Spiritual Counseling can help bring those unconscious negative “thought clusters” to the surface to clear and release all of those blocks, so that you can create the life of your dreams and no longer have those undesirable habits and addictions. If you are currently unable to give yourself permission to have what is your soul’s calling, that will block you from creating the strategies that will get you to your goal. That block resistance is fear of the Unknown, that which is Love. Give yourself permission to trust your heart. During the counseling session, the negative thought clusters that were bringing you physical or emotional discomfort, tension or anxiety are brought into conscious awareness so that they can be healed with the light of such awareness and released and you no longer feel stuck or stagnant.

Come allow us to inspire and encourage you. Open your heart so that you will no longer feel despair, lack of fulfillment, resentment or loneliness. Fear, lack of self-respect, insecurity, and unworthiness are all not real and get in the way of creativity. All that negativity is from your ego and we help transmute that energy into love with light and healing. What is real cannot be destroyed and that is the eternal part of you, which we call, soul. Come feel your soul in being Present and Still. Come feel free and uplifted! We are all safe, loved and accepted in God’s hands! We are spiritual mentors and spiritual healers who have been spiritually mentoring our entire lives.

You have the power to create your life and in your life, the door is open to unlimited possibilities and a rich, abundant reality. The light within knows the perfect way for you.

We listen in a non-judgmental way. We want the very best of what life has to offer for you. Using your imagination to start the creative process, dream big and let us help you manifest using a vision process so strong that your biochemistry undergoes a transformation that can sometimes bypass years of therapy.

These sessions are most effective when committed to over a span of time, just as you would with any serious counseling meant to change your life for the better. Can one session help though, you may ask. The answer is yes!

We are here for you for one session or many. The goal is for you to feel empowered. Reviews for San Diego Spiritual Counselor can be found here:

Thank you very much!